Paige LaCava, PhD MA CGP
Paige LaCava, PhD MA CGP

Lost Your Way?

When daily life has become challenging because of deep sadness, stuckness, angry outbursts or other kinds of interpersonal difficulties, then therapy can offer the hope of finding a way out, which is a start. 


Seeking help when your usual way of solving problems is no longer working makes good sense. 


Sitting and talking with another person who is trained to listen in ways that friends or family cannot can bring a useful perspective to your understanding of yourself, past and present and to what currently ails you.  From there you have a chance to begin a new course, make different choices or set about finding solutions.


In the context of a healing relationship, it is possible for meaningful and lasting changes to come about, which over time will likely lead to a greater sense of peace, productivity and improved family dynamics or friendships. 


Lead the life you were meant to live!


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