Paige LaCava, PhD MA CGP
Paige LaCava, PhD MA CGP


How do I know if I’m ready for therapy?

It’s likely that you have been struggling with a good deal of pain for some time, which is why you are reading this now.  You are no longer able or willing to deal with this by yourself, and seeking help can be understood as a pro-active step.  If you would like to try for yourself, call me to arrange a first meeting (847) 732-6771.


Will you tell me what to do?

Though my experience and training informs my responses to your unique situation, it is not my position to tell you what to do, or not to do.  There may be occasions where I may be able to share information based on research or theoretical findings that may enrich your understanding of a situation, but you are in charge of your own life.  We will work in partnership, to help you discover your own best pathway.


I don’t want to be in therapy forever - how do I know if I’m finished with therapy?

It’s hard to answer when someone asks how long therapy will take, as each person and situation is unique.  Once we get working, I will have a better ability to assess your needs and address how we will go forward, including how much time will be necessary to get you back on track.  For some it's several sessions, for others several years.


How much will it cost?  

My fees are $150 per 50 minute sessions, $60 per 90 minute group session.  

I will consider a sliding scale in hardship situations.  


Can I use my insurance?

I am currently on the panel of Blue Cross and Blue Shield Insurance Company.  If you are insured by another insurance company, I will provide statements for those wishing to submit to their carrier for out-of-network benefits.  When necessary, I will assist with paperwork and submissions.


Because reimbursement for psychotherapy can vary widely across insurance plans, prior to beginning treatment, it is advisable to ask your insurance provider the following questions: 

•Does my insurance plan include mental health benefits?

•What is my deductible?

•What percentage of the session fee is reimbursed if I see an "out-of-network" provider?

•How many sessions does my insurance plan cover per calendar year?


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